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Boosting digital sales with Dia Supermarket's cooking channel

UX Lead, UX Design

In mid 2022, I led the overhauling of the cooking recipes area of ​​Dia Supermarket's website into a dedicated channel that connected with the sales front through Dia's digital strategy. The integration allowed the channel to act from the Awareness to the Acquisition step in the journey, allowing users to buy ingredients to prepare recipes directly in the website's user flow. Additionally, the site became a spotlight for companies that wanted to promote their products, with an exclusive area dedicated to endorse the sponsor's products.

To frame the solution, we ran an extensive benchmarking process, analyzing notorious cooking webstes. The exercise allowed us to identify a digital shopping trend that was intensified during the recent lockdown period. Brands were using different integration methods to elevate the experience in their cooking channels, allowing the user to request absent ingredients directly in the recipe website and get them delivered to their doorstep.


We then aligned with stakeholders on which digital purchasing method would be used to integrate our solution. It was then decided that a shopping platform via WhatsApp would fulfill this role. Afterwards, the experience design team dedicated efforts to create a seamless experience for users who are interested in a recipe, identify missing products and want to instantly purchase them through the recipe channel. The definitions raised the level of complexity of the project, requiring a logged-in area where users can save recipes, access purchase history and place orders effortlessly.

In addition to focusing on the digital purchasing process, we also conduct studies aimed at raising the channel's positioning in Google's organic searches. That's where the Culinary Guides area came up, where users can consult tips and editorial recipes relevant to the time of year or season. This area is managed by the SEO team, which monthly evaluates which keywords will bring more users to the channel and, together with the content team, produces rich content that is published. We on the experience team contribute with a series of components that allow greater flexibility of the pages, directing users to recipes, videos and sponsored products.

During its first year, the site published 47 new recipes, generating +2000 shopping processes with an average ticket of R$108. Additionally, the website also strengthened relations between Dia and major brands through sponsorships. In total, 5 companies highlighted their products to the channel's recurring users.

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