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Designer with 11 years of experience. Currently, I am part of the Brivia's Experience Design team, leading projects, products and business proposals as an UX Lead.


On a personal level, I enjoy traveling, museums, cafes and spending time with family and friends.

Time is precious, we should make it count.

Areas of expertise

UI Design

Through my interface design process, I seek to find a balance between an appealing visual and a functional, consistent, scalable interface aligned with the specifications of the development team. In addition, I have supported mentoring new professionals, sharing knowledge, and leading teams in projects.

UI Motion

As a former animator, I always try to bring this skill into the context of digital design, providing solutions and concepts on how the microinteractions of an interface should behave when animated.

UX Design

I work alongside multidisciplinary teams to design user-centric product experiences, proposing solutions based on data gathered through design thinking tools.

CX Design

Recently, I identified the need to expand my knowledge in the field of Customer Experience, where I work in partnership with CRM teams to identify and solve pain points in the journey of the consumers of the products I lead.

Design System

When dealing with complex interface ecosystems, I realized the need to learn how to handle a scalable, consistent, and aligned design with the development teams in my company. That's why I graduated in design systems at Meiuca, a renowned institution in the field here in Brazil.

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